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Antifragility in practice: Taking a Holistic Approach to Risk Management

“Exploring the delicate dance of antifragility, this article delves into the intricate balance between embracing disruptions and adhering to standard operating procedures in high-risk industries. By understanding the inherent nature of disturbances in complex systems, organizations can transform challenges into opportunities, fostering a culture of resilience and continuous growth.”

Battling Confirmation Bias: A Widespread Cognitive Bias We All Share

“Unraveling the Intricacies of Confirmation Bias: From Aviation Lessons to Everyday Decisions. Dive deep into the cognitive tendencies that shape our perceptions, and discover strategies from the aviation sector to combat biases in various industries and our daily lives.”

Moving Beyond Supervision Zero Tolerance: A Just Culture for Quality Improvement

“Challenging traditional regulatory approaches, this article delves into the limitations of causal thinking in complex work environments. Drawing from aviation’s success, it advocates for a ‘just’ culture that prioritizes understanding over punishment, emphasizing the importance of proactive reporting and systemic collaboration for true quality improvement.”

Dangerous Groupthink Styles in Aviation and Their Relevance in Other Industries

Dive into the dangerous groupthink styles prevalent in the aviation industry and their implications in non-aviation environments. From conformity in the cockpit to the bystander effect, discover how these thinking patterns can impact team performance across various industries and the importance of addressing them for enhanced safety and efficiency.”

Creating a Just Culture to Encourage Transparency in Government bodies

“Exploring the delicate balance between transparency and discretion in government bodies, this piece delves into the importance of fostering a just culture where mistakes become learning opportunities. In a world where everything is under scrutiny, discover how a win-win situation can be achieved, ensuring both openness and the necessary secrecy for certain governmental functions.”

The Pink Elephant in the Room: A Curious Tale

“Venture into a whimsical tale of unexpected encounters as we address the vibrant pink elephant in our midst. A story that reminds us to face the unusual and overlooked, seeking understanding in the most unexpected places.”

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